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[02.20.17 at 12:01p]


If anyone would like any of these usernames please leave a comment by Feb 28. Ta.

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[02.18.17 at 9:40p]


I'm looking for advice on how to move forward with a two year PSL.

Specifically, it's the fact that I'm having a hard time writing scenes out with my SLP. Their character just had a huge event happen to them, career-wise, some life changing stuff, and then it's Valentine's. We have a 'will they/won't they' kind of storyline and I feel like... if they will, if they're going to, then it's never going to better than a historic Superbowl win + Valentine's day. It worked out perfectly.

Except that we haven't really done any scenes, any threads, any IC chatting. The Superbowl was a few weeks ago and in the immediate aftermath we seem to have made a lot of plans but we're in different timezones, they have a busy job schedule, and I frankly don't want to be the annoying partner that's constantly asking them when they're free.

I don't want to skip to the present. I want to RP out these big moments, even if it's a couple weeks late. That's because I think, since we have difficulty meeting up, it'd be a nice way to wrap or pause the storyline.

I haven't messaged them in about a week. Before doing so, I kinda wanted to seek out some perspective...

How do I approach them about it? Or just wondering if there are other situations like mine: amicable endings/pauses to long-term PSLs once you start sensing that the end is near?

Thank you.
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[02.17.17 at 4:09p]


Me again. What messaging/texting apps do you use for mobile? Can you sign up via email? I know of GroupMe. Any others worth trying, or is this one the best? Also, does AIM have a mobile app? It claims it does but I can't find it in the iOS app store.
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[02.17.17 at 1:32p]


Games that use the same generic color schemes and tiny, blurry, unreadable text as half of all the other games out there, because "cookie cutter" is the flavor of the day.
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Thank you for being there!! [02.16.17 at 12:25a]


I just want to say thank you to my group leader who has been the most understanding person possibly these last two days - patiently putting up with me going crazy over the loss of a family member. For sitting in my house with my family and I as we process and for getting me away from the single toxic person in the comm who is making my life a nightmare.
You sir are amazing and I am glad we met in University when we did.

The second thanks goes to my long term gaming partner and BFF who has been effectively distracting me online from the nightmare of my life right now, know what to say or send to make me feel less like an emotional nutcase and more like life in normal again; even after loosing someone so young.
I would be lost without you.
Now if only you would cave and marry me, life would be bliss.

[02.15.17 at 9:58p]


there is bad taste and then there is just catastrophically awful bad taste. maybe save this game idea for years down the road or, possibly, never. this shit is still effecting people every damn day.
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Sorry, not sorry. [02.14.17 at 10:56p]


Editing this so people don't get bummed out by my depression and personal venting about a gaming partner. Feel free to read the log if you want to be as equally frustrated as I am.

Day 1's magical venting at how crass my gaming partner is about handling me. )


Adding a Day 2 tag onto this because I don't want to clog the feed with more venting. )
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[02.14.17 at 4:46p]


Sometimes I wonder if you are a robot. You default icon talk on ever single persons post and it's always the same 3 topics.
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[02.14.17 at 3:12p]


RP annoyance #434764: someone else telling me how my character should have reacted, or what they should have done, in response to a specific incident.
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[02.12.17 at 11:42p]


i'm sorry, but there is a reason why no one likes you, why you can't keep a line, and why you're always lost to why people just don't like you... you are blatantly a downright dick. i cannot believe the shit you just said to my slp. you are disgusting.

[02.12.17 at 1:06a]


I'm not sure if this is okay to post/ask here, but could anyone (who has winrar) please help me attain THIS MOODTHEME? I can open zip files via sendspace, but I don't have/use winrar.

Willing to make icons in return!
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[02.11.17 at 3:00p]


you are the most two faced person that i know. i can't wait for karma to come back and bite you in the ass.
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[02.11.17 at 12:26p]


when you have to resist letting your OOC annoyance for other characters seep IC....
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[02.10.17 at 7:24p]


Which mail clients support replies to IJ directly in the email client? Example here.

I've found that Outlook's mobile app does a decent job of this, but I'm not sure if it can handle two different journals back and forth.

This is a truly first world problem, but I find it frustrating to swap journals on mobile just to reply to a handful of comments left with two separate characters. If anyone knows of a good way to streamline this (on iPhone) I would be so grateful!
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[02.08.17 at 10:54a]


So the RP world has come to a lack of common sense, reality (OOC), and worst of all...insulting other people because you were insulted by someone else? That's nice. I'm gonna go back in my hole now before I really say something I shouldn't.
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[02.08.17 at 10:12a]


Is it good or bad that I am not even surprised by the sheer hypocrisy exhibited by certain people on this server any longer?
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[02.08.17 at 1:39a]


I get it. It's a big, overwhelming comm. It can feel difficult to find your people, your crew, your little niche. Hell, even just a few good friends. Which is why it's such a blow every time the characters you genuinely enjoy interacting with are hopping in and out of the community, forgetting to update on time or hey just maybe never coming back. Any advice on helping one another stay active and engaged in a (genuinely good) community that has the ability to feel like a big empty vacuum?

[02.07.17 at 5:10p]


Oh, for fuck's sake. In the Year of Our Lord 2017, we're still going to open comms with this "you need to adhere to your characters' canon sexuality" rule? You can't "put them in relationships that suit YOUR idea of who they are"?

Really? Really?

And honest to God: I'm saying this as somebody who intended to play a fucking female character who I generally end up writing het. You know, the exact type you all seem to think ostensibly benefit from rules like this.

Does anybody ever learn? Does anybody ever actually give a shit?
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[02.06.17 at 4:25p]


Is there a way to bulk download images from a gallery (e.g
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[02.06.17 at 8:09a]


1. Flakes complaining about being flaked on. I love me some poetic justice.

2. Since I joined this game for you, I would've appreciated some hint that you were quitting.
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